Monday 10 February5:00 PM - 6:00 PMLocation : Pav 7.2 - Be Spirits Room
BE BRAND - Craft: Brand ethics and engagement
Organised by : BE SPIRITS by Vinexpo

Environmental concerns have an impact on the spirits industry and represent a genuine challenge for brands which are increasingly transparent about the environmentally-friendly measures they are taking. Business or ethics – what is behind the craft movement?

• How did the new and incredibly popular craft segment emerge and what does it really mean?
• In the midst of change, what measures should be taken at production level?
• Can an ethical approach be promoted in my sales proposition (bartender / distributor)?
• Who should be the messenger of the brand story and how can they be trained?
• How do brands recruit (consumers) with a narrative showing strong commitment?
• What are the communications levers surrounding control of the production chain?
• Promoting your business model
• Why and how have bars influenced the return of some forgotten spirits?

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Julie Guillot
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Topic : Major trends / Spirits / Sustainable development
Language : English / French
Paul Bungener
International ambassador for Fair
Alex Munch
Co-founder of Stauning, Danish spirits brand
Frédéric Revol
Founder of Domaine des Hautes Glaces