Monday 10 February5:00 PM - 6:30 PMLocation : Pav 7.2 - Room 4
5 Sauternes Classified First Growths, one winemaking dream: the 5+
Organised by : Les Cinq Premiers Crus Classé de Sauternes

A tasting of 5 Sauternes Classified First Growths in an iconic vintage: 2003 Rayne Vigneau; 2005 Rabaud-Promis; 2009 La Tour Blanche; 2011 Sigalas Rabaud; 2013 Lafaurie-Peyraguey and their 2017 vintage Cuvée 5+.
Shedding light on one of Sauternes' prime terroirs, that of Bommes, is the challenge set by Cuvée 5+ which expresses 5 different characters in a single bottle through an unprecedented blend.

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Miguel Aguirre
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Topic : Wine
Language : French
Miguel Aguirre
Operations director Château La Tour Blanche
David Bolzan
Managing director - Vignobles Silvio Denz
Laure De Lambert Compeyrot
Owner Château Sigalas Rabaud
Thomas Dejean
Owner Château Rabaud-Promis
Vincent Labergère
Managing director Château de Rayne Vigneau