Tuesday 11 February10:00 AM - 11:30 AMLocation : Pav 7.2 - Room 4
Try your hand at winegrowing! Experts answer your questions about buying or selling a vineyard
Organised by : WI&NE - Wine Invest & New Experts

Presentation of WI&NE by David Lawton. How much is a vineyard and its stock worth?
Speakers from Jean Barot / Bureau Ripert.
Securing your investments financially and legally.
Speakers from Ulysse / Acthéos
Managing and raising the profile of a vineyard
Speaker from Vitigestion
Public grants available for investing in the wine industry
Speaker from Auxiliis.
Promoting wine brands
Speaker from Inlex

Free entrance
David Lawton
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Topic : Major trends
Language : English / French
Céline Baillet
Inlex Patent lawyer
Jean Barot
Real Estate Expert
Philippe Bonnin
Ulysse Lawyer Specialising in the wine industry
Timothée Bouffard
Broker - Bureau RIPERT
Pierre de Boussac
Certified Accountant-Acthéos
Claude Gaudin
Vitigestion Wine property management
David Lawton
Acquisitions Invest-Bordeaux
Marie Nocera
Business devlopment AUXILIIS