Tuesday 11 February11:30 AM - 12:30 PMLocation : Pav 7.2 - Be Spirits Room
BE BRAND - Forgotten liqueurs & vintage spirits
Organised by : BE SPIRITS by Vinexpo

Some liqueur secrets have come down through the ages and new players are disrupting category conventions with a timeless approach. From Vedrenne liqueurs to Adriatico amaretto, how have forgotten spirits made a come-back and returned to the forefront of the scene? The female founders of H. Theoria will also reveal how a totally unconventional approach to spirits can (re-)educate consumers about forgotten stories.

• Why have we forgotten about these spirits and why are they are returning to the forefront of the cocktail scene?
• Combining tradition and innovation, what is behind renewed interest by brands in these vintage spirits?
• How can you build a reputation with no communications?
• Addressing spirits with a disruptive approach, away from industry conventions.
• Why is there so much at stake with spirits education?
• Why are brands now investing in educators and influencers (ambassadors, mixologists, opinion formers)?

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Julie Guillot
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Topic : Spirits
Language : English / French
Jean-Robert Bellanger
Co-founder of Amaretto Adriatico
Jean-Pierre Cointreau
President of Vedrenne
Camille Hedin & Marlène Staiger
Co-founders of H.Theoria