Monday 10 February11:45 AM - 12:30 PMLocation : Pav 7.2 - Be Spirits Room
The brandy, this legendary spirit is undergoing a revolution
Organised by : Lucien Bernard & Cie

The aim of this masterclass is to (re-) introduce people to a category with which the trade is often unfamiliar – brandy.
The category has successfully adapted to current trends - to premiumisation and the cocktail culture - by offering an extraordinary range of products including unaged brandy, oak-aged versions, brandies designed for mixology and for tasting.
Who better than Europe’s N°1 and the world’s N°2 brandy producer to tell you everything you need to know about this upcoming category?

Tasting will include :
1/Lucien Bernard Cuvée XO N°1
2/Aqua Ambre
3/Aqua Cristal
4/ Blended brandies
5/ Varietal brandies
6/ Brandies matured in specific casks

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Lucien Bernard
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Topic : Spirits
Language : English / French
Eymeric Bernard
Managing Director Lucien Bernard & Cie
Loïc Fort
Commercial Director Lucien Bernard & Cie
Christine Schaad
Master Blender